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Choose the S128 version of the fighting cock in the world of gambling

Choose the S128 version of the fighting cock in the world of gambling – The fighting cock seeds are usually obtained from the descendants of the fighting cocks who have become champions. They can only be selected after the fighting cock is five months old and at this age the bone structure and coat color, head shape, spurs, wing feathers and fighting instincts have started to appear.

What you need to pay attention to before training young chickens to become reliable fighters, you have to make sure and choose fighter chicken seeds that have characteristics as we have summarized below.

Tough Fighting Chicken Seeds

  • Derived from the formidable lineage of fighting cocks.
  • Healthy and not disabled.
  • Inherit the fighting patterns and styles of the sires.
  • Have the ideal body part.

Physical and Mental Training
Physical training should be carried out after the fighting cock is fed in the morning and evening. The movements are adjusted to the function of the body parts that form muscle strength. Parts of the body that require special training are the neck, knees, base of the fingers, base of the shoulders and the back of the abdomen. Apart from physical, mental fighting chickens also need to be trained. Mental training aims to sharpen his fighting instincts by facing a balanced sparring partner fighting cock. Two days before the Battle, training was stopped. The fighting chickens are placed back in their own cage which is kept clean. This period of rest is needed to restore energy after training.

Care for fighting chickens
Care for fighting chickens is very influential on the condition of the body, mentally, and instincts to fight which includes good food and health. To maintain its health, the fighting chickens should be washed and dried in the morning. A variety of staple foods of the fighting chicken must contain complete nutrients such as carbohydrates and vitamins. The type of staple food of the fighting chicken includes brown rice, corn and unhulled rice.

To maintain the stamina of the fighting cock, it is necessary to provide additional food such as eggs, garlic, onions, honey, palm sugar, tamarind, tomatoes, papaya leaves and sprouts. The fighting chickens are susceptible to disease during the changing seasons, which is around February and August. Therefore, before the change of season, fighting chickens should be vaccinated. The cleanliness of the cage also needs to be maintained. To maintain its health, fighting chickens are given vitamins regularly. Vitamins are mixed with drinking water and given after meals. Vitamin doses do not need to be excessive, if an overdose of the fighting cock will be disturbed.

Retirement Period
Every 15 months, the fighting chickens shed their feathers and new feathers will grow. This period is called the funeral period. During the period of being born, the fighting cocks cannot be pitted. After experiencing a period of dropping three times, namely at the age of 3.5 – 4 years, the fighting cock enters retirement. After retiring, the fighting cock can be used as a breeder or a male. Former champion pemacek will usually produce tough kids.

You can apply the above tips or apply them to train your chickens to become fighting chickens that have a deadly physical and fighting style. Happy trying it.…